Drink and bathe in healthy energized water!

ONE08 Water Devices infuse liquids with the healing power of a natural vortex. Purchase your ONE08 Water Device


ONE08 Water holds a permanent -350mv charge to enhance human health and performance.

ONE08 Water has been scientifically shown to :

Enhance Physical & Mental Performance


Increase vitality & Life energy

Support Longevity & ANti-Aging

Negatively-charged structured water provides optimal health, longevity, and vitality, and can be found in naturally flowing water. Wild pristine rivers, waterfalls, high-altitude mountain wells, natural springs, and glacial melt water all contain negatively charged structured waters.

ONE08 Water Devices create negatively charged structured water out of tap water, rain water, or wastewater, using the dynamics of water flow and vortex geometry.


ONE08 Structured Water has been energized to hold a negative charge (measured in millivolts) similar to the negatively-charged structured waters found in sacred sites such as Lourdes, the Ganges River, and Fatima.

Bottle Top Unit

Under Sink unit

Shower Unit

ONE08 Water Devices can be used for:


Wine passed through a ONE08 bottle top device does not oxidize and turn to vinegar. Drinkers report a greater balance in the taste, intensified aromas, less acidic taste.


People who drink ONE08 Structured Water report feeling more creative and energized. For those working in professions requiring mental focus, this can lift the fog on thinking.


Milk passed through a ONE08 Water Device removes harmful pathogens. Raw milk can be drunk without pasteurization.

Device Specs

There are no moving parts or filters to replace.

ONE08 Water Devices are encased with neodymium magnets and designed using sacred geometry principles.

The unique induction capacity of the device creates a specific magnetic configuration to create a natural, non-mechanical vortex, harmonizing the geometric relationship between magnetism and water structure. The units are easily installed and removed without any impact on the surrounding fittings.

Drink and bathe in healthy energized water.

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