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Hydrogen is the smallest atom out of all chemical elements, containing one proton and one electron. Unlike other elements, Hydrogen atoms can carry an extra electron, giving the atom (or the molecule to which it is attached) a negative charge.


Hydride, as the negative ion of hydrogen is known (H-), is the primary element present in the atmosphere of stars. Its existence was proven theoretically by Hans Bethe in 1929, and was observed in a particle accelerator for the first time in 1977.



For decades, people have tried to create a device that would leave a negative charge in water that lasted for more than 48 hours. ONE08 Water Devices are the first inventions to achieve this feat.


“Life is water dancing to the tune of solids. Without that dance, there could be no life.” – Dr. Gerald Pollock

All natural flowing water, such as  waterfalls and springs, are naturally occurring negatively charged structured waters. These waters are known to lose their negative charge after only 2 days of storage, and all other structured water devices have been unable to keep the negative charge in the water without the charge deteriorating rapidly.

ONE08 Water keeps its charge of -350mv indefinitely.

Dr. Gerald Pollack has undertaken much of the fundamental science on structured water, through his book The Fourth Phase of Water, and his findings and ideas can be summarised as follows:

  • Water has a fourth phase called exclusion zone (EZ) and is structured as H3O2
  • EZ (structured) water has a negative voltage and is the water in all cells
  • EZ water occurs in natural waters and has a blue or green tint (fluorescence)
  • EZ water is good for your health and the function of cells
  • EZ water has a spectral waveband peak in the 270 nanometers or UV region.  The more water absorbs this light the higher the EZ presence in water.  This highlights the importance of cellular exposure to sunlight in health (sunlight energy that is absorbed or penetrates inside the body to the EZ water in cells, and builds negative voltage in the cells)
  • EZ water has no resistance.  This accounts for rainwater falling at 10 times the speed of any object in air, and that EZ water in a pipe has little or no resistance
  • EZ water is the main component of blood and therefore blood can move effortlessly through tiny capillaries with a diameter smaller than the red blood cells, due to the EZ water having no resistance.  The cardiovascular system also is assisted by radiant energy from the sun and this assists with blood flow that is 95% EZ water
  • EZ water is denser than H2O
  • All proteins have a sheath of EZ water around them
  • Cell health is a function of the presence and voltage capacity of the EZ water
  • EZ water is more viscose.  Egg white is highly viscose due to the presence of EZ water.
  • The refractive index of EZ water is at least 10% higher than H2O, ie. capacity to bend light
  • The human body is constantly trying to discharge positive voltage/charge through urine, faeces, perspiration, physical contact of human skin with the Earth or vegetation, etc. and maintaining high negative voltage in cells.
  • Plants constantly have their roots in a negatively charged soil, and this charge is sustained by rainwater and microbial activity, and diminished through chemical fertilisers
  • The best sources of EZ waters are glacial water, deep groundwater, natural springs, pristine river water and rainwater (in unpolluted air)
  • There is no connection between EZ water and alkaline water in terms of cell health.


Unique among molecules, water can ionize and allow easy electron exchange between nearby molecules. Water readily bonds with other elements because of its unique electric dipole, in which the positive (+) and negative (-) charges are separated.


Structured water has lower surface tension than normal water, which is a measure of its ability to make surfaces wet. This makes structured water a better carrier and a better penetrating agent, helping the water to perform its functions in the body much more effectively, taking nutrients into the body's cells and remove toxins from very efficiently.


Patent Number 2016100017 for restoring water to a permanent negative charge

Cleansing Toxic Water

Most of the water that humans and animals now drink daily is filled with toxins. Additives such as Chlorine and Fluoride are mixed with water trapped in pipes over long distances, and this water loses its life-giving negative charge. H- ions are also reduced by prolonged storage, heating, cooking, milling, and contamination.

Rainwater exposed to air pollution, contaminated soil water, and captured water in dams, tanks and pipes all have a voltage charge that is not as beneficial for human health as structured, negatively charged water.

The limited availability of clean and structured water is a major limitation to living a healthy life. Without H- structuring the water molecules at the cellular level, free radicals are able to penetrate the cell membrane.


“Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” – Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi 

The Nobel prize winner Szent-Gyorgyi, the discoverer of Vitamin C, said that negative hydrogen ions (H-) are “the primary energy currency of life.” In the 1950s he proposed that hydrogen is the carrier of all life-giving energy, including in photosynthesis, and that the energy of plants could be traced back to the sun, which is the largest natural source of Hydride known to man.

In our bodies, Hydrogen carries nutrients and oxygen into a cell, where oxygen burns the hydrogen to form ATP, the fundamental fuel compound that all cells use for energy.

This makes negative-ion hydrogen a non-caloric source of cellular energy. 


The one ingredient that our bodies require to accomplish all tasks is negatively charged hydrogen, and you can ingest H- in abundance with ONE08 Water.

When it is bonded with oxygen, H- transforms water molecules from H2O to H3O2, creating a crystal-like structure that is better at delivering nutrients to cells and fighting infections.

This phase of water is sometimes called the exclusion zone (EZ) because this structured water excludes things easily, such as small molecules and toxins.

Laboratory tests at Southern Cross University, a government-accredited and approved laboratory, tested for the reduction in the pathogenic microbe E. coli and proved a 99.9% elimination of the pathogenic microbe species.


Patent Number 2016100637 for removing pathogenic microbes from liquids such as waste water and milk

DRINK ONE08 Structured Water FOR HEALING

Fights free radical damage throughout the body

Balances the body's chemistry through the biological terrain 

Helps to resist sickness 

Reverses the disease process and slowing down aging. 


“All life forms are dependent upon water.” – Dr Peter Agre

The health of a plant depends on the quality of its hydration.  Dr Agre, an American medical doctor, professor, and molecular biologist won the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of aquaporins, water-channel proteins that can transmit water molecules through the membranes of a cell.

Cellular aquaporins are micro-channels that can transport water and nutrients through the membrane of a cell, letting in (H-) good water and keeping out (H+) bad water.

When a molecule is positively-charged, and clumped, the aquaporin of the cell rejects it, and stops the Hydrogen from passing through the cell wall.  The result is water molecules competing for the remaining electrons, and clumping together.  At cellular levels, a cell can receive only one molecule of water at a time through the aquaporin channel, and it allows the smaller (structured) water to pass.

Restructuring water at a molecular level revitalises water by restoring beneficial negative hydrogen ions (H-), making the water easily acceptable for maximum absorption by plants and animals.

Soil health has shown to significant improvement when microbial formulations are combined with negatively charged water. The soil water storage capacity increases dramatically, and studies have found crop yields have increased.


Patent Number 2016100592 for significant increase in production and integrity when the negatively charged water is combined with a formulation of diverse and abundant microbial species


  • Viable seed germination increased to nearly 100%
  • Shorter growing period to maturity
  • Nutrient uptake is increased by 2-4 fold
  • Vegetable and fruit size can at least double without loss of flavour and texture


  • Significantly decreased plant diseases, including fungal attacks
  • Significantly decreased insect attack
  • Fruit flavour is significantly increased
  • Vegetable and fruit storage time is increased.
  • Increased resilience to cold temperatures

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